- What is your main photography style? What do you prefer to shoot?

My passion has always been driven by fashion editorials, especially the creative ones, with exaggerated poses & scenes. I also love lifestyle & food photography, where I present a lot of my diverse style in colours & angles. I prefer to avoid weddings & events as they are not my speciality, however exceptions can always be made.

- Do you have a studio?

Not at the moment but I’m currently working towards completing it!

- What sets you apart from other photographers?

Being young is a high advantage, giving me a fresh perspective on ideas & new trends. What I appreciate most about my work ethic is I don’t need as long a time to achieve the image I want.

- How long does it take to receive the images?

 Depending on your chosen package, the days will vary. Once the images are selected, the final product would vary on its editing requirements and the time the client takes to send back the final selection.

- Do you do special retouch on models?

No. I can retouch flaws & body morf, but I prefer to keep my projects as natural as possible.

- What rights do I have to the images?

As I send an unedited selection first, none of these images can be taken or used for any normal/commercial use. Once the final edited images are sent, these can be used for everything you wish.

- What happens if I lose my images?

This is no issue as I will always have them backed up. If a client loses a WeTransfer link, a new one can always be created!

- What type of camera/equipment do you use?

I use a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. I also carry a flash, tripod, 2 reflectors and 2 lenses: General/Close Ups 24-70mm & Wide Sense 14-70mm

- Do you travel outside of Marbella? What would be the travel expenses?

Absolutely! My main interest within this profession is to travel and work in new environments, allowing me to expand my knowledge and experience. 

Travel expenses will vary depending on the shoot location! If the shoot is near by, my fuel costs should be covered. If the shoot is any further than my driving range, arrangements can be discussed.